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Welcome to the homepage for 'Themes' - a project that records and enhances the natural sounds found in Britain's National Parks and open spaces. These recordings are complimented and combined with original music to give the listener a real sense of the tranquility and serenity of these beautiful and timeless landscapes.

   The natural sounds have been collected over several years and recorded digitally to preserve as closely as possible the original tonal quality and 'feel'.

  The original musical compositions by award winning composer Robin Scott, use acoustic instruments and orchestral arrangements to reflect and enhance the experience and take the listener on an aural journey.

  Imagine that it is dawn in a wooded valley, the birdsong filling the air; treetops gently stirred by a relaxed breeze. Across the valley a cockerel announces the new day to the stream that bubbles past fields and farms...

...and now imagine music composed to compliment and reflect this idyll...

...this is 



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