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'Eric Hood - Prince of Loaves'

Robin Hood is distracted by his new love, Marion, leaving the evil Sherriff of Nottingham to persecute the peasants. 

Who can save the day? Maybe Robin's brother, Eric - but he's just a baker. Never underestimate flour power!

They're all here in this celebration of silliness; Robin, Marion, Merry Men, the Evil Sheriff of Nottingham, Prince John and a supporting cast of thousands - if needed.



This musical play can be performed by a class, year group or more! Even the scenery talks - if you want it to. Speaking rocks, shrubs, trees and mushrooms combined with guards a-plenty, rival princesses, competition guests all support traditional characters from this legendary tale.

The story leads to a baking contest (rather than an archery contest) giving plenty of scope for cookery programme parody.

 When our hero wins he is challenged by the sheriff and a hilarious sword fight with french bread sticks ensues. Crumbs! 

Needless to say no-one gets hurt, and everyone lives happily ever after.

Audiences love this comical version of the Robin Hood legend. Performed now by four schools.

Some examples of the music from, 'Eric Hood - Prince of Loaves'.

'His name was Eric'

mp3 download

'Nobody loves me'

(The sheriff's song)

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