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Below is a small selection of samples and excerpts of Robin's work for you to listen to.*
You can choose between downloading the Windows Media Player format or the MP3 format. Just click to listen! 

If you want to download the excerpts, right click over the relevant 'download' link and then choose 'Save target as...' and navigate to where you want the file to be stored on your hard drive.

Angels & Demons Music inspired by Dan Brown's thriller. Download wma (1.8mb)

Download mp3 (1.35mb)

The March of Time A strong thematic piece that uses orchestral sounds to create a feeling of timelessness Download wma (1.1mb)

Download mp3 (0.8mb)

Drive Guitars and heavy synths put a new twist on that exciting feeling of driving fast! Download wma (1.2mb)

Download mp3 (0.8mb)

Holiday An upbeat, up-tempo piece with a 'feelgood' sound - funky guitar too! Download wma (1.0mb)

Download mp3 (1.1mb)

Machine Robotic and easy to sync to anything!   Almost infinite possibilities for machine based visuals Download wma (0.3mb)

Download mp3 (0.2mb)

Sad Strings, oboe and piano convey a very melancholic feel to this extract. Download wma (0.8mb)

Download mp3 (0.6mb)

Suspense A piece for film - slow foreboding build up to action Download wma (1.2mb)

Download mp3 (0.9mb)

Late Solitary piano is gradually augmented by oboe to create a very atmospheric piece with plenty of space. Download wma (2.0mb)

Download mp3 (1.52mb)

Celtic A melody and tune to evoke feelings of celtic kings of old Download wma (1.0mb)

Download mp3 (0.8mb)

Glory Strong anthems, big orchcestras and strident instrumentation - hard to resist! Download wma (1.1mb)

Download mp3 (0.8mb)

Summer A softer sound - a softer feel - again easy to edit, adjust and tailor to your requirements Download wma (0.2mb)

Download mp3 (0.2mb)

These are just a few excerpts from the many pieces of music Robin has composed. We are confident that whatever your musical need - Siberian Studios can fulfil your requirements. If you want to know more please Contact us.

Please listen through some speakers with a good range!!!

*In order to partially protect this work and to lower download speeds these samples are not anywhere near the high sound quality of the originals. All music is protected by Siberian Studios copyright. You are permitted to download these samples for use only as an evaluation. Under no circumstances are these samples to be copied, circulated, incorporated or re-recorded without permission from Siberian Studios. We view all unauthorised use of these audio samples as theft and will act accordingly should abuse of these terms come to our notice.


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